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it would be really cool if i had the ability to live the lifestyle of cuddling with pretty much everybody

i mean, i can’t, because of the way i do things as a person, and it’s not something i’m about to try to change about myself because i actually am comfortable with things as they are

i’m just sayin

sometimes it’s just something you wanna do. cuddle with everybody. smooch everybody. no taboos or boundaries or anything like that

i’ve known people that have lived in households with 6-8 roommates and all everybody does aside from working or school or whatever is cuddle and have orgies and that just sounds really cool and neat but it’s something i just couldn’t do



I mostly agree! I feel cool about polygamy, but I don’t think I could be in a relationship with more than 2 people at once. as for sex, I could see myself having a foursome but probably not more than that! lighter stuff like cuddle-smooch times  would probably be great with any number of people, since I often get crushes on friends when I get to know them well!

snuggle orgies aka the best thing

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