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"The Sixteen Lesser Saints" is a collaborative project that a friend and I put together last spring – it kind of sat in limbo for a while, but this week, I put the final touch-ups on the art/bios and coded a website for them… just a small project, but one that I hope you enjoy (plus, it feels nice to finally scratch something off on my “to-do” list).




"Masturbation is something that we all do and it hurts no one so it is not wrong. It is natural and beautiful."

I’m going to fucking stab someone. There’s nothing beautiful about being a selfish slut and no, not everyone does it. Fuck you and your sex normative bullshit.


thanks to this beautiful person

i have learned you can be a slut

by performing a sexual act that involves literally no one but yourself

i am the biggest slut

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Depends has been pushing a regendered version of menstrual pads for dudes with incontinence issues and the entire advertisement campaign is based around desperately trying to masculinize diapers & it’s everything you’d expect from that concept and more

that fuckin ending trumpet noise echoes w desperation

i need man diapers for my massive man pisses when anything i use is not marketed as hypermasculine and anti-feminine

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"I, the cis white early-20s male, am the last voice of sanity and reason in this god forsaken hellhole of women and minorities" - pretty much every anti sj blogger

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